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Wedding FAQ's.

A wedding ring goes on the left hand in most Western countries, including the UK. The engagement ring is usually moved to the right hand before the wedding ceremony, and the wedding ring is then placed on the left hand. After the ceremony, the engagement ring is removed and placed on top of the wedding ring.

In the UK a wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. The ring finger is the fourth finger next to the pinky. This tradition comes from the Ancient Romans as they thought a vein ran directly from the ring finger to the heart.

Wedding rings can cost anywhere from £200 to £3000+. The price is dependent on the materials used and whether or not they include diamonds. For example, a platinum wedding ring with diamonds will cost substantially more than a plain white gold wedding ring.

In the UK you should wear your engagement ring and wedding together on the fourth finger of the left hand, otherwise known as the ring finger. The wedding ring is placed on the finger first, and the engagement ring is placed on top of it.

Traditionally, the bride pays for the groom’s wedding ring, and the groom pays for the bride’s wedding ring. This tradition is becoming a thing of the past, as it is now acceptable for couples to shop together for their wedding rings.

To choose a wedding band for your engagement ring, you will want to look at styles that compliment it rather than compete with its beauty. If you have a particularly large or unusually shaped engagement ring, you should consider a shaped wedding ring that fits it both in shape and style. You can choose a plain wedding band or a wedding ring with diamonds, depending on your taste and how it looks with your existing engagement ring. If you prefer to upgrade your ring or buy both rings together, you may want to consider a bridal set. Bridal sets are specially designed to include an engagement ring and wedding ring that pair beautifully with each other.