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Earrings FAQ's.

You can wear diamond hoop earrings however you please as they are very versatile. Diamond hoop earrings are easy to wear casually or formally. You can style them with diamond studs if you have multiple piercings or wear them on their own, no matter how you choose to wear them, they will add a luxurious finish to your outfit.

If you are on a budget, you can opt for clarity between VS2-SI1 for an almost eye-clean finish. Although we always recommend choosing the best quality diamond for your budget, for earrings you can get away with a lower clarity grading as they are typically viewed from further away than say, for example, a ring.

The cut quality for diamond earrings should be at least Ideal or Excellent. The cut is more important for diamond earrings, as the only thing you notice about diamond earrings is the sparkle and size. A well-cut diamond will have the correct dimensions and symmetry to let light in and reflect it out - therefore creating the sparkle we know and love. It will also mean that the diamond doesn’t appear smaller than it should.

To choose diamond earrings, you first need to consider your budget. Once you have a budget in place, you should look at choosing the best cut quality for diamond earrings as it is the most important thing to consider. Carat size is also important, and it helps determine the size of your diamond earrings. Colour can then be kept in the G-I range and the clarity between VS2-SI1.

A pair of small diamond earrings can cost between £500 to £1000 for a pair of 0.4ct solitaire stud earrings (0.2ct for each earring). Prices for diamond earrings vary depending on the diamond quality, metal and setting you select.