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Bracelets FAQ's.

There are many different types of bracelets to choose from and a style to suit any given occasion. Some of the main bracelet styles are bangles, chain bracelets, diamond tennis bracelets and charm bracelets.

Bangles tend to be a casual choice, that are perfect for wearing every day, they are a structured shape that are ideal for stacking with other styles.

Chain bracelets are made from joined links and are very versatile in style. This style can vary in appearance depending on your selected weight and design.

Diamond tennis bracelets are a luxurious choice. They are fully adorned with diamonds, making them an elegant choice for special occasions or events.

Charm bracelets are a unique choice as they can be added to, or adapted, with pretty charms to suit the wearers' personal style. This style tends to hold a lot of sentimental value and makes a great gift.

How you choose to style your bracelets should be based on the occasion, your outfit choice and your own personal style. There is no right or wrong way to style bracelets but there are a few tried and tested methods.

If you prefer to play it safe, it is a good idea to choose bracelets that are the same metal type. For those searching for a more eclectic style, why not mix key pieces in complementary metals and stack them high - yellow and white gold tend to work well with each other. Charm bracelets and bangles are ideal for stacking, and can be worn both day or night, whereas a diamond tennis bracelet looks beautiful on its own or paired with a matching necklace for a special occasion.

There are bracelets to suit most budgets. How much a bracelet cost is dependant on the style, materials and design. For example, you may spend between £300 - £800 on an everyday chain bracelet but if you are looking at a style that is adorned with diamonds it will set you back even further. A diamond tennis bracelet is considered a luxurious piece and can cost anywhere between £1,500 - £30,000+ depending on the specifications you select and your chosen precious metal.

Bracelets make a great gift for a loved one as they are both sentimental and fashionable. A charm bracelet is an ideal choice for a birthday or to mark an important achievement as they can be personalised depending on your selected charms, whilst a diamond tennis bracelet is a great gift for your significant other on your anniversary. When you are choosing a gift you should consider the occasion and the recipient's personal taste. It is a good tip to take note of the styles and metals they currently wear so that the gift matches their personal taste.

Buying a bracelet online couldn’t be any easier. You have access to view and compare all styles that are on offer and can filter by your preferences. If you have a strict budget in mind you can select this preference to see only the styles that you can afford - avoiding the awkwardness of asking how much it is, only to find it is out of your budget entirely.

As the UK’s leading online jeweller we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality, outstanding service and impressive jewellery at prices that are lower than most others on the high street. By shopping with us you could save up to 78% on your dream piece of jewellery!

We are also proud that we can offer the below:

  • Free worldwide delivery
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 30 days return policy
  • 30 days free ring resizing