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How to Match Your Wedding & Engagement Ring

23rd November 2022

by Semrah

Finding the right wedding band to match your engagement ring is a mix of both practicality and style. You want to choose the ring band to fit the design and theme of your engagement ring while still working with your personal style. But how do you choose? Do you go for a perfect match or have a silver engagement ring and gold wedding band combination?

There’s a lot of choice out there and you will be wearing these things for the rest of your life so you want to make the right choice. Here are our top tips for finding the perfect matching engagement ring and wedding band.

Be Specific with the Details

Whether your partner surprised you with an engagement ring or you helped to choose it, there was plenty that went into the final decision. Finding it right ring size, selecting the band thickness, and choosing the perfect metal type are all factors that had to be carefully considered to make your right just right. In order to find the perfect matching or complementary wedding band, you’ll want to keep these details in mind.

You can often use the same ring size for your wedding band although it’s important to check that it will still fit. Our fingers, and ring itself, can fluctuate in size depending on temperature and how soft the ring’s metal is so if you notice that your engagement ring is a tight tight or loose, you’ll probably want to re-measure and resize.

Matching the metal type is another important detail to consider. You don’t have to match them – plenty of people love that juxtaposition of cool silver and warm gold together – but it’s a detail to keep in mind so that they don’t clash.

Also make sure you consider the gemstones in your engagement ring – will your wedding band also have stones? Or will it be more traditional and be simple metal?

Chat with your partner about what they want

Make sure you have a conversation about your rings. Are you planning on having matchin wedding bands? In which case, you will need to learn about each other’s preferences. If you’re not bothered about them matching, talk about this too. It’s important to both be happy with the decision – you’ll both be wearing these for the rest of your lives, after all.

Matching Wedding Ring & Engagement Ring Ideas

When shopping around for your wedding band to match your engagement ring, we have some tips to help you find the right fit.

Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings

As one of the most popular types of engagement rings, the classic solitaire is designed to accentuate the centre diamond as much as possible. For this reason, we’d recommend going for a simple plain wedding band which sits nicely to the diamond, giving it prominence. This adds a nice metal layer to the overall look and keeps the overall feeling clean and minimalistic.

Engagement Ring

Halo Engagement Rings

As an object of pure glitter, side stones or a halo design instantly add a feeling of texture to the entire hand. Seeing as how these particular engagement rings contain much smaller diamonds, a full eternity ring lines up nicely with these designs, complimenting them even further and giving a very nice shine. You can match up the carat weight of the smaller side stones to the exact carat weight of your new wedding band to make sure you get the exact match you need. Although full eternity rings aren’t traditional wedding bands, they make a gorgeous, sparkly option for those who like a bit of glamour.

Engagement Ring

Bezel Engagement Rings

The layer of metal surrounding the diamond in this particular setting is also known as a “bezel” which is incredibly useful for keeping the diamond safe. Unlike the prong setting, where the centre diamond is clasped firmly between four to six prongs, the bezel has a much more rounded look. A wedding ring that also contains small diamonds set inside the wedding ring would compliment the bezel style very nicely.

Engagement Ring

Uniquely Shaped Engagement Rings

In the case that your engagement ring features a unique shape, in the sense that your centre diamond sticks out at an angle, then you may like to consider a contoured wedding ring that will wrap around that particular shape. This kind of step will require a lot more detailed advice and bespoke service but when pulled off well, will result in a perfectly nesting set.

Engagement Ring

Stick with the Same Colour Metals

When it comes to the metal types, there are two choices – sticking with the same metal type or complimenting it with a different type.

Matching the metal type can give your rings a cohesive feel. Make sure to consider the karat purity of your metal, as there is often a subtle difference between two different purities. E.g,18k yellow gold and 9k yellow gold will have different levels of yellow tones. As a general rule, the 9k variants tend to have a duller, softer look that would stand out when sitting next to a ring that is a bright 18k.

Choose Different Colour Metals

Choosing a ring of a different metal colour can help each ring stand out as individual pieces of jewellery. You could opt for a more precious metal for the wedding band to put more weight behind the meaning of the ring, or simply choose different metals so you can wear your rings with any outfit.

Matching Bridal Sets

If the search for an exact match isn’t going as planned, then you might want to consider giving yourself a complete upgrade with a bridal set. With a perfectly paired engagement ring and wedding ring in one set, you can take care of two tasks at once as well as go through the joy of shopping for a brand new ring. A nice bridal set means you can stylistically match both rings together without having to worry about them clashing.

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