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How to measure bracelet size

10th November 2021

by Kundan

Some styles of bracelets, such as tennis bracelets, require an understanding of your wrist size. Diamond tennis bracelets, for example, are sold by length and, due to the nature of the design, work better when they fit perfectly. A bracelet that fits perfectly is less likely to catch and break or cause discomfort. If you need to know how to measure bracelet size, we reveal our top tips in this article. 

How to measure bracelet size

The easiest way to find your bracelet size is to measure your wrist and find your size using the bracelet size chart. Follow these simple steps to find the perfect fit:

1.Measure your wrist

Wrap a strip of paper around your wrist just below the wrist bone.

2.Mark and measure the length

Mark your size on the paper where the end of the strip meets the other side.

3.Refer to the bracelet size chart

Use a ruler to measure where you have marked the paper, then use the size chart to find the correct size.

Bracelet size chart

The bracelet size chart displays the wrist measurement you have taken alongside the recommended bracelet size for a comfortable fit. Typically a comfort fit will be 2cm or 0.79” larger than your wrist measurement.

If you need any further help finding the perfect bracelet size, contact us for more information.

How should a bracelet fit?

No matter what style of diamond bracelet you choose, it is essential that it fits comfortably. While every person may have a different preference, the general rule for maximum comfort is to have enough room to fit two fingers between your wrist and the bracelet. 


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