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6 Diamond Necklace Styles for Every Occasion

22nd July 2020

by Kannan

round diamond pendant necklace

Special milestone, fancy event or job interview coming up? No matter the occasion, there is a diamond necklace style to suit. From elegant diamond tennis necklaces to pretty pendants, the selection of necklace styles is endless. So whether you are looking to buy one for yourself or as a special gift for a loved one, read on to find out our top 6 diamond necklace styles for every occasion.

1. Drop diamond pendant necklace - Date night

diamond drop pendant

Whether you are in a relationship or looking for one, a special date night deserves some added sparkle. If you are going to a fancy restaurant and you want to dress to impress, a diamond drop pendant is both feminine and elegant. A diamond drop necklace is a great choice for almost any evening event or occasion, simply choose a style to suit your taste.

2. Diamond journey pendant - Sentimental gift

If you are looking for a sentimental gift for someone you love, a diamond journey pendant is the answer. Like a trilogy ring, typically this style has three diamonds which are thought to represent the past present and future - making this style ideal as a sentimental gift. Your loved one will also appreciate the elegant drop style of this diamond necklace type. 

3. Diamond tennis necklace - Special milestone

Are you or a loved one celebrating a special milestone? If so, a diamond tennis necklace makes a great gift. This luxurious necklace style consists of a chain that is typically fully adorned with diamonds. There are plenty of different styles to suit your budget - however, this style of necklace tends to command high prices due to the number of diamonds involved. Great for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts or just because - a diamond tennis necklace is an investment piece that will be cherished forever.

4. Solitaire diamond necklace - Job interview

diamond solitaire pendant

A solitaire diamond necklace is ideal for a job interview. This simple and sophisticated diamond necklace style consists of a solitaire diamond pendant on a delicate metal chain. Its understated design makes it practical for everyday wear and elegant enough for a professional job interview. It could even work as a lucky charm for the big day and help you nail that interview in style!

5. Diamond cluster pendant - Every day

Who said that diamonds shouldn't be worn every day? A pretty diamond cluster pendant is a great necklace for everyday wear. Usually dainty and delicate in style, and adorned with a cluster of intricate diamonds, this diamond pendant pairs perfectly with any outfit. Plus, a diamond cluster necklace looks beautiful layered with other dainty necklace styles. 

6. Diamond heart pendant necklace - Gift for someone you love

heart diamond pendant

If you are searching for a gift, for someone you love, a diamond heart pendant necklace is a great choice. This necklace style is a great way to symbolise your love and consists of a heart-shaped pendant that is either partially or fully adorned with diamonds. Heart pendants also make great sentimental gifts as each time your loved one wears it, they will think of you.

Feeling inspired? Discover our complete range of diamond pendants, or head to our diamond education section to learn more about diamonds.

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