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65 Most Romantic Ways to Propose

6th July 2019

by Kundan

If someone tells you they’ve got engaged, the first thing you will ask them is: how did he or she ask? The story of how you proposed will be remembered - and told – forever so we made a list of unique ways to propose: from simple ones to those that require months of preparation. Keep reading to find the wedding proposal idea that suits you and your loved one!


Unique Proposals


1.     In their favourite place

This one is as simple as romantic. The idea is that you pick their favourite place; it can be in your house or a rooftop, a monument or their favourite bench at a park. Take her or him to this special place and say the magic words. Ideally, you could ask someone nearby to take a picture of you on your knee. Every time they go back to that place, they will smile even more.


2.     To the sound of music

For this one, you will need to organise it in advance.  If you know that your partner enjoys music, hire a choir, a brass band or why not a cover band from their favourite group and summon everyone in the park. Ask them to play their favourite song while you propose to them. Every time that song pops on the radio, it will remind them of this beautiful day.


3.     Scavenger Hunt

This proposal is for those who enjoy games. Think of a few places that your partner loves and that are meaningful to your relationship and ask your partner and maybe a few friends to visit them. Along the way, have cards with little notes for them to open where you described why you chose them. You can even add a stop at her favourite hair salon where she can get her nails – and why not her hair – done so she is ready for the pictures! We are sure she will thank us for this. When they reach the last spot, you will be there waiting to propose. You can even have all your friends and family there to celebrate the engagement!


4.     At the theatre

Another type of proposal that requires a little bit more preparation.  Get tickets for that play you were long-waiting to see and ask them if you can propose after the cast’s curtain call. You could also book a space in the playbill where you can add a note so you’ll have a souvenir of this special day.


5.     Draw it

Pre-hire a caricaturist and ask him to wait for you in the park. Ask your partner to go out for a walk and take them to the park and act surprised when you spot the caricaturist. Convince your partner to have the caricaturist sketch a picture of you and wait until they see what the word bubbles say.


6.     Under the Sea

Is your partner a sea fanatic? If so, call your local aquarium and ask them if you could dive in. If this is not allowed, ask them if you could give a sign to the divers. After you have them on board, take her to the aquarium and ask her to look at that specific fish tank. If you were allowed to dive in, tell her to wait for you while you go buy a beverage.  Remember to hire a photographer to document this fantastic proposal!

7.     Skywriter

You can hire a skywriter to spell ‘Will you marry me?” in the sky. Prepare her favourite meal and serve it outside. Open a bottle of her favourite rosé and ask her to look up while you toast. She will be amazed!


8.     Advertise it

If your partner is an avid newspaper reader or is subscribed to a particular magazine, call them a book a spot to advertise your proposal. Prepare breakfast and serve it in bed with the newspaper or magazine. Wait until she or he sees it!



Destination Proposals


9.     On the air

Plan a nice getaway to a place where you have to take a plane to get there. After take-off, talk to the flight attendants and ask them if you could use the loudspeakers system to propose.  We are sure you will have lots of pictures and videos from all the passengers!


10.  Hotel set up


After a long walk around the city, head for drinks and dinner to the hotel restaurant and ask the hotel employees to put roses, candles and champagne in your hotel room. A very private and unexpected proposal!


11.  On a theme park

This one can be a little bit tricky because it requires acting fast! Prepare you ‘Will you marry me?’ sign in advance and hide it in your backpack. Ask her to go to that specific rollercoaster that you’ve previously chosen because it will take a photo, which you can buy after. Try to spot the camera so when you are there you can pull the sign out! She won’t know until she looks at the picture.


12.  At Disney

This is the ultimate fairy-tale proposal because nothing says everlasting magical love like Disney does, right?

You could propose during the fireworks or while you meet her favourite character. If you want everything to go smoothly, you can contact the Disney team and they will help you organise everything!


13.  Helicopter Trip

Plan a romantic trip for two and book a helicopter ride. You can either propose while you are flying or when you land like our happy customer did. He took his then-girlfriend-now-fiancé to Iceland for a weekend away that included a surprise helicopter tour. When they landed on a glacier on top of the mountain, Jeremy got down on one knee and propose to her.  


14.  Ski Lift

This one can be a little tricky because you will need to write the message in the snow without your partner noticing. You could write the classic ‘Will you marry me?’ or be original and write your own special message. When you go up the ski lift, make sure they look to the correct side!


15.  At the beach

If you are an artsy person, you could ask your partner to help you build a sandcastle and when she is not looking, you can put the ring on top of the highest tower. You could also write it in the sand! Just do it far enough from the sea.



Handmade Proposals


16.  With a little help from your friends

Organise a garden party and invite all your friends and family. Have helium balloons ready, each of them will have to spell


17.  Glowing sign

Do you remember those glow-in-the-dark stars you used to have on your ceiling? Well, you can bring them back! Spell ‘Marry me’ with glow-in-the-dark stickers and wait until you go to sleep. When you turn the lights off, ask your partner to open their eyes and look up.


At Home Proposals


18.  Candlelight

While your partner is out, create a trail with candles that leads to their favourite room in the house. Wait for them there, holding the ring. You can even add some rose petals for an extra touch!


19.  While sleeping

Wait until she is sleep and slip the engagement ring on her finger. Wake up earlier and prepare a delicious breakfast with all her favourites. Wake her up and wait until she realises! 


20.  The relationship trail

Create a trail with all the milestones and happy memories of your relationship. You can add pictures, notes and even the receipt of your first date! Leave the last spot empty and stand next to it, holding the ring. A new memory is about to be created!


21.  Sparkling the routine

We all have our routines so as to propose while she drinks her morning cup of tea can be as unexpected as perfect. We can assure you she will be utterly surprised!

You can buy a cup that reads ‘Will you marry me?’ at the bottom and make her a tea on that special mug. Just make sure they finish their drink! If not, you can tie a tag with the message.


22.  A delicious meal

Hire a professional chef to come to your house and ask to prepare all her favourite meals. Propose over dessert and ask the chef to include the ring on her plate. End the date with a glass of champagne!


23.  Puzzle

Create a bespoke puzzle with your picture and the words ‘Marry me’ and ask your partner to help you put it together. Wait until you can almost see the picture and the words and pop out the diamond ring. You can frame the puzzle after!


24.  Recreate your first date

Book the same table in that restaurant you had your first date. Order the same food and drinks - if you can remember! Tell them how much has changed since that day and how much happier you are and pop the question.


Silicon Valley Style proposals


25.  SMS them

Ask your partner to meet you at a specific spot and while you wait, text him to see where he is. When he is getting closer, start texting him about how happy he made you feel, how important he is. Wait until you can see him to send three different pictures of you with three different signs that will read: ‘Will you marry me?’ and watch him react.


26.  Website

Create a website with pictures of you throughout the relationship and declare your love. Send the website link on an email and wait until she opens it to get down on one knee. You can later send the link to all your family and friends to give them the good news!


27.  Live-stream it!

This one is for the extroverts out there! Set up a live-stream and ask your friends and family to join. Propose to your partner while the most important people in your life are watching. You can even save that live-stream and treasure it forever!


28.  Sing it

Are you blessed with a good voice? Then why not re-write one of her favourite songs and include her name and the words ‘Marry me’ on it. Add it to her music playlist and wait for him or her to listen to it!


Gourmet Proposals


29.  Spell it with cupcakes

This one is a very sweet proposal. You can go to your local bakery and ask for 7 cupcakes that will spell ‘Marry Me’. Give it to him o her and wait to see their face


30.  With the help of the chef

Go out to your favourite restaurant, one that means something to both of you. It can be where you had your first kiss or where you say ‘I love you’ for the first time. Ask the pastry chef to write ‘Will you marry me?” in chocolate around the rim of the plate.


31.  A bespoke cake

Go to your favourite bakery and order her or his favourite cake. Ask them to write ‘Will you marry me?” with frosting and have it delivered when you know both are going to be home. After she or he says yes, invite your friends and family to eat the cake and celebrate your engagement!



At work proposals


32.  An unexpected visit

If your partner’s work is quite relaxed you can organise a surprise visit. Ask her colleagues to schedule a late meeting and with a little help from them take your partner to the spot you’ve previously decorated.


33.  Write it with chalk

Is your partner a teacher or professor? If so, sneak into their classroom early in the morning and write your proposal on the blackboard. Hide among the students and wait until he or she realises to get down on one knee.



Documented Proposals


34.   Hidden Photographer

This one is quite simple; plan your favourite outdoor proposal and hire a photographer (or 2) who will hide somewhere discreet.  After you propose, you can get your engagement pictures right there!


35.  Photo-shoot

Tell your partner you won a couple’s photo-shoot and ask her or him to dress up. While your photos are being taken and they are really concentrated on their poses, pop the question! You will have the best pictures, we promise.



Out-of-the-box Proposals


36.   Hidden surprise

This proposal is for the artsy ones! The idea is to recreate a Kinder Egg but with all the instructions and surprise changed. You can act like you just opened it and ask her to check what’s inside the yellow egg. She will be astonished when she sees the ring!


37.  Like in the movies

Is her favourite movie Sweet Home Alabama? Pretty Woman? Or maybe Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason? You can re-enact the scene of their favourite romantic movie and we can assure you she will love it. Nothing beats a little Hollywood-ish romance!


38.  Special Delivery

Find a box big enough to fit you and deliver yourself to your partner. This will require a few friends to help you get ‘wrapped’ and ‘delivered’.  Once in, hold the ‘Will you marry me?’ sign and wait for your partner to open the box.


39.  With a flash mob

Surprise your partner on their daily commute by organising a surprise flash mob. Hire a group of dancers and wait for your partner to board the train. Once in there, start the show and be ready on one knee when the dance is over. This proposal will be online in seconds, so avoid it if your partner doesn’t like being the centre of attention!


40.  Hide and seek

Pick bouquet with her favourite flowers and hide the ring in one of the flowers, ideally the centre one. When she gets closer to smell the flowers she will be able to see the ring. Be ready on one knee so when she turns around she sees you there. You could buy her the same flower bouquet on every anniversary, it will remind her of this happy day!



Seasonal Proposals




41.   Say it with fairy lights

Spell ‘Will you marry me?’’ with fairy lights outside and ask her to join you for a mulled wine and blanket time. When she is out, flip the switch and see her face light up!


42.  On a kite

Write ‘Will you marry me’ on a kite and take it down to the park to fly it. Ask them to look up while you get down on one knee.


43.  Leave to the snowman

Build a snowman outside your house and have him hold a ‘Will you marry me’ sign. Ask your partner to looks outside and get down on one knee.


44.  A spooky proposal


Is your partner a big fan of Halloween? If so, this proposal is the best. Create a spooky maze in your house that will lead to the room you will be. Wear her or his favourite horror character and wait for her down on one knee. You can even choose a black diamond ring to propose with!




45.  A floral proposal

Plan a visit to your local botanical garden and propose to your partner surrounded by flowers.


46.  With a picnic


Ask your best friend to set up a picnic at your favourite park. Suggest your partner go for a walk and when you get there, ask them to marry you. Your friend can also be your photographer and document this magical proposal!


47.  While stargazing

Get your engagement ring and save it until a really starry night. Ask her to join you outside for a glass of wine and stargazing. Tell her to make a wish upon the stars and when she is done, propose to her. Wishes come true for sure!


48.  On an excursion

Plan a berry picking or lavender excursion and while you are there tell her you found something pretty rare.  When she comes over, show her the ring instead! The lavender fields are going to be a dreamy backdrop for your pictures indeed.


49.  Message in a bottle

Write ‘Will You Marry Me?’ on a piece of paper, roll it and put it inside of an empty bottle. Put the cork back in and save it. The next day, take your bottle with you to the beach and act like you find it there. Wait until your partner realises what’s inside and show her the ring!


Propose with a party


50.  Surprise-not Party

Plan a surprise party for your partner’s birthday and tell them to come at a specific time. When they arrive, act like they ruined the surprise by arriving early. Propose to him or her after all your friends and family arrive, it will be both a birthday and an engagement party!


51.  The after party

Ask your friends and family to go to your local pub and wait for you there. Propose to your partner privately in your home and then suggest going out for a drink to celebrate.  They will be more than happy to see all their loved ones there!


Christmas Proposals


52.  A holly jolly proposal

Take a picture of yourself holding a sign that reads ‘Will you marry me?’ Print it, frame it and wrapped it. Put it underneath the Christmas tree and wait to see your partner’s face when they open it. Have your ring ready to propose.


53.  Stocking surprise


Hide the ring on your partner’s stocking and get ready to take a picture to capture that magical moment. Remember to use a different wrapping and box so they don’t suspect!


54.  While you ice-skate

Plan a date with your partner to go ice-skating and at the moment they least expect it, pop the question. Hopefully, they won’t fall!

Ask a friend to hide among the other skaters and take pictures of the magical moment. We promise it will be worth it!


55.  A sweet treat

A proposal suited for those with a sweet tooth. You can create a bride or groom gingerbread cookie, tie the diamond ring on a bauble shaped cookie or write ‘marry me’ on top of the mince pies.


56.  While on a Christmas tree farm

Ask your partner to go for a walk to the local Christmas Tree farm (or to the woods if you are lucky to have one close!) and after walking for a while (and getting into that festive spirit), get down on one knee and ask he or she to marry you. You could also decorate a tree with small gift boxes that spell ‘marry me’. Just remember to ask the owner for permission!

57.  With the help of the carolers

Book a group of carolers and ask them to come to your door while you are enjoying a cosy night by the fire, drinking mulled wine and eating chocolates. They could have a sign that says “Merry Christmas” which will then flipped over to discover the magical question. That’s your cue to get down on one knee and pop the diamond ring!




New Years Eve Proposals


58.  New Year, New Life speech

Propose a toast and talk about how amazing the previous year was, mention the moments you shared with your partner and tell them how excited you are to embark into the new year because it will be a new chapter in your life. And just then, when they are wondering what you mean, say their name and ask them to marry you. Your partner will be both surprised and happy!



59.  At midnight

When the bells ring out at midnight to welcome the New Year, get down on one knee and ask them to marry you.  This proposal might be the most romantic yet simple way to propose on New Year’s Eve.



60.  A wedding resolution

While you are at home, grab two pieces of paper and ask your partner to join you in writing your New Year’s resolution. When you are both done, ask her or him to pass it on to you and say: “You missed one!” and write “Get Married”. They will be a little bit confused at first but everything will be clear when you show them the ring!




Valentine’s Proposals


61.  A cancelled date


This proposal is a cheeky one since you will have to trick them to believe that that amazing dinner you had planned and talked about weeks is not going to happen. Blame it on your work and say you have to stay late because you have an unexpected deadline. Then, go back home with a bouquet of her or his favourite flowers and knock on the door. They will be really surprised to see you there!



62.  Spell it with chocolates

Pre-order chocolate bonbons with letters on top that will spell ‘Will you marry me?’ Bear in mind that you will need 15 bonbons to it or 8 if you say ‘Marry Me’. Wait until you come back from your Valentine’s dinner at his or her favourite restaurant and give them the chocolate box as the final gift. Wait until they open the box to take out the diamond ring.



63.  With a book

If your partner is a book lover then this is perfect for them. You just need to buy a book; it could be their favourite author or a poetry book. Cut a hole in the pages just big enough to fit the ring. Put the diamond ring in there, cover it with a few pages and stick them together so it will be hard for them to sense what is going on. Find the perfect time to give it to them and when they start unsticking the pages they will find the hidden treasure. Just say the magic words and save the book forever!



64.  Somewhere unexpected

Think about the things you share each day and surprise her while she least expected. You could tie the ring to her or his favourite jam with a small note attached that says ‘Will you marry me?” Or you could ask them a la Prince Harry while you are cooking your favourite meal. Your partner will be surprised for sure!


65.  A sparkling date

If you know you will never be able to choose the ring of their dreams, why not taking them to choose one? But keep it a secret! Go for a walk and tell her or him that you have a quick work appointment. They will be a little bit annoyed but we promise they will be fine when they find out where they are! You can have some rings pre-selected and have the salesperson present this selection to your soon-to-be fiancé while you say the magic words. They will be both happy and excited about choosing their favourite diamond ring! 



Regardless where you propose, whether it is just the two of you or at a big party, bear in mind your partner’s style. Just remember to buy the engagement ring in advance. At Diamonds Factory we have a wide range of diamond engagement rings that are made to order, so take a look at our website and find the perfect ring.

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